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Candidate Interest Card

Thank you for your interest in becoming a firefighter with the Austin Fire Department. By submitting a Candidate Interest Card, you will receive updates and important information about upcoming hiring processes. Please note that this form is NOT an actual application, and your information will NOT be used in the hiring/selection process.

All fields are required.

Personal Information

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Demographics Information

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Referral Information

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Qualifying Information

Have you been convicted, performed community service, received deferred adjudication, or have been assigned probation:

  • for any Class B Misdemeanor level offense since May 1, 2012?
  • for more than one Class B Misdemeanor level offenses, regardless of how long ago?
  • or are you currently under indictment for (currently charged with) any Class A Misdemeanor level offense?
  • or are you currently under indictment for (currently charged with) any Felony level offense? 
  • for any offense, other than minor traffic offenses?
(This includes driving under the influence DWI/DUI or adjudication and juvenile felony adjudication. Please see FAQ’s for details)