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City of Austin Americans with Disabilities Program Office

505 Barton Springs Rd #600, Austin, TX 78704

Phone: (512) 974-3256

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Request for Reasonable Accommodations under Fair Housing Act


On February 2016, Austin City Council adopted Chapter 2-14 which allows City staff to modify a City of Austin requirement (related to residential property under the Fair Housing Act) for a person with a disability and outlines a process for how to request reasonable accommodations. You may request a reasonable accommodation when necessary to allow a person with a disability an equal opportunity to use or enjoy a dwelling. Read more

The information you provide will be used to only assist the city in reviewing your request. 


General Instructions

If you need assistance filling out this form, please contact the ADA office:

Physical Address: 505 Barton Springs Rd #600, Austin, TX 78704

Mailing Address: PO Box 1088, Austin, TX 78767-1088

Phone: 512 -974-3256


Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm 

To request a Reasonable Accommodation please  click next to begin the application requesting process.

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Complete this section with information for the person receiving the Reasonable Accommodation.

Full Name of Applicant
Address of Housing at Which Accommodation Is Requested
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Please briefly describe the accommodation you are requesting.Below are some helpful online tools to help you gather your accomodation request requirements and better state the reason for an accommodation.

‚ÄčProperty Profile - Search for information, view aerial images including street views, download data, and run reports detailing information about a specified property.

Zoning Profile Tool - search for the zoning of your property.Reasonable Accommodation Examples:A person may request a reasonable accommodation when necessary to allow a person with a disability an equal opportunity to use or enjoy a dwelling.

Examples include: An increase in paving on a property to accommodate an elevator.Placement of structures in a setback.An increase in the number of unrelated adults that may reside at the property.


Describe the Dwelling.
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If you are not the property owner of the housing, provide the name, physical address, and phone number of property owner.

Property Owner Full Name
Property Owner Full Address
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Complete this section only if you are submitting this document on behalf of someone else.

Submitter Owner Full Name
Submitter Full Address
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Any documents you may have that pertain to the accomodation. 

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Signature of recipient or designated representative

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I authorize the City to verify, if necessary, that I have a disability and have the need for the reasonable accommodation I have requested. I understand that the City may request additional information to process my request.
You will be provided with a Receipt upon submission.